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Wednesday 10:00 am to 11:00 am

CJSF Women's Collective
Women's Voices

The CJSF Women's Collective presents interview with women, feminist news, and music by women. If you have comments or questions, or want to get involved, email

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MTR Documentaries IV

Feb 1st 10:00
Sexual Education in Ontario by Gordon Katic //
M and E by Marilyn Anne Campbell

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap; Missy D

hosted by Nathalie Lopez (CODE) and Chanel Klein (Missy D)
Nathalie Lopez attends a screening and panel discussion of CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, which looks at the difficulty that girls and women have with accessing math and programming education. Features organizer and attendee interviews, as well as excerpts of the panel.

Then from DOPE HAUS (alternating Tuesdays 7pm) host Chanel Klein brings an interview with the incredible Missy D about her upcoming album (plus an exclusive preview!)