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SFSS Accessibility Fund - SFU Ideas & Issues
by Maegan Thomas

Notes from our April 20  & April 27 stories on the SFSS Accessibility Funds. continued...

SFU - The First 50
by David Swanson

On Tuesday December 1 from 2-7pm, join CJSF 90.1 FM in celebrating SFU’s 50th anniversary. We’re broadcasting interviews, documentaries and lectures that take a look at the first 50 years at Simon Fraser University. continued...

Media, Capitalism, and Climate Change
by David Swanson

On Friday, March 28th, CounterCulture will host renowned author and the director of Alternative Radio, David Barsamian for a free talk on ‘Media, Capitalism, and Climate Change’’ at SFU’s downtown Harbour Centre Campus. continued...

2014 Homelessness Marathon
by David Swanson

Burnaby, B.C. (February 17, 2014) - On February 26, Simon Fraser University’s CJSF 90.1 FM will air the 2014National Homelessness Marathon from 4pm until 6am PST. CJSF will be live on location outside the SFU Surrey at 250-13450 102 Ave. Wednesday February 26 starting at 12pm. CJSF will host the national broadcast from 6-6:30pm. The day will include performances by musicians, interviews with homeless individuals and their allies. continued...

Got to Bounce
by Anastasia Koutalianos

  The Trampoline Hall (TH) Lecture Series is a monthly talkie-talk out of Toronto. Running strong since December 2001, the show is created by author Sheila Heti and rides on a pretty simple premise: have three lecturers present a topic of their choice to a live audience in the seediest bars across town. Only catch is you can’t speak on any area in which you’re an expert. Topics range from the overly dry to the completely ridiculous—with each talk followed by an informal Q&A. Think nonsense meets intriguing à la dinner theatre. continued...

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