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On The Silver Globe at the Cinematheque
by Chris Spangenberg

I’m a changed man. I usually say that after every encounter with another specimen film from the far fringe of our civilization, but this time it feels different in my gut. There is a ‘first’ for every film, from your generic ‘firsts’— first kiss, firstborn, first watching of 2001: A Space Odyssey — and then there’s the first time you watch an Andrzej Zulawski film. That happens only once too, but the experience invades your psyche with such exquisite tendrils.  continued...

VIFF Review: The Love Witch
by Kaycee Boe

A perfect embodiment of the ALT category at this year’s VIFF, The Love Witch seamlessly combines horror and comedy aspects in this 1960’s style film.   continued...

VIFF Review: Green Is Gold
by Sophia Gaba

Green/is/Gold is more than just a film about marijuana and money. It is a film about brotherhood, that follows two young men living on the fringes of society and the law.  continued...

VIFF Review: We Are X
by Scott Wood

We Are X chronicles the road leading up to legendary Japanese hair metal band X Japan reuniting for a special concert engagement at New York's Madison Square Garden. Along the way, the surviving band members lament on their lives. continued...

VIFF Review: Hello Destroyer
by Jamie Cessford

A popular topic amongst many of the films at VIFF this year is mental health. Whether characters are learning to live with the complications of specific diagnoses or coming to grips with the realities of mental health in general, filmmakers are creating substantial narratives that represent the complexities of being human. Kevin Funk’s tense pseudo-thriller Hello Destroyer, is a prime example of an authentic and powerful portrayal of the impacts of one’s social environment on mental health.  continued...

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