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The Dandy Warhols Live at the Commodore

by Kaycee Boe

The Dandy Warhols (Portland, OR) made a stop at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom during their West Coast Distortland tour for their ninth studio album which was released in April of this year. 

\r\n From 1994 until 2003, the band produced alternative rock classics with an upbeat pop sound, and were praised in the music community. After several subsequent albums that received mixed reviews, Distortland saw a unique shift to synth-filled, dream-pop background music, complimented by singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s moody vocals. It is an album that can be appreciated by both old and new fans alike.


\r\n The opening act, UK-based Telegram appeared to be just as anticipated as the Dandy Warhols, and for good reason. The young alternative rock band’s shoegazer look, paired with their original music and high energy made them the perfect match. Their set included songs off of their wonderfully received album Operator, as well as singles and a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes”, which had almost everyone in the crowd singing along. If you are looking for an excitingly progressive up-and-coming band, this is it.


\r\n The Warhols opened with 1997 hit “Be-In”, followed by an eclectic mix of tracks from all walks of Warhol. Their set included several songs off of Distortand, including “STYGGO” and “Catcher in the Rye”, but nothing got the packed venue on their feet like the classic “Bohemian Like You”. For several fans who noted that they have waited decades to see the band, these are the songs that they came for.


\r\n While there wasn’t a lot of flash to the show, there were reminisce of the Dandy Warhol’s early punk years, especially during their big hits. Keyboardist Zia McCabe was a blast to watch on stage, and Taylor-Taylor’s vocals were as good, if not better, than the recorded studio albums. Overall, the Dandy Warhols put on a solid performance that seamlessly included both older and newer material. 


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