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VIFF: The Love Witch

by Kaycee Boe

A perfect embodiment of the ALT category at this year’s VIFF, The Love Witch seamlessly combines horror and comedy aspects in this 1960’s style film.


The Love Witch was crafted by Anna Biller, who is responsible not only for directing, but also the screenplay, costumes, production and set design. Along with cinematographer David Mullen, she perfectly captures the essence of 1960’s horror from its recreation of technicolor film to the common themes in horror of the time. It is also a satirical look at women, sexuality, and their relationships with men.

The film follows Elaine (Samantha Robinson), a young, beautiful witch obsessed with finding her true love. After moving to a small town for a fresh start, Elaine quickly stirs up the quiet town with love potions that ultimately lead to her subject’s death. Elaine, although insane and quite frankly a murderer, is such a lovable character that the audience finds themselves captivated in her story.

Running at about two hours, The Love Witch occasionally strays from the storyline, making the narrative slightly cloudy. However, the brilliantly crafted sets and costuming, as well as outstanding acting, make up for these small flaws. All in all, The Love Witch is a fun film, especially for those looking for a strong female presence in film. 

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