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VIFF: Green Is Gold

by Sophia Gaba

Green/is/Gold is more than just a film about marijuana and money. It is a film about brotherhood, that follows two young men living on the fringes of society and the law. 

After his father's imprisonment, a 13-year-old Mason is introduced to a life with an uncertain future. Mason’s new guardian, his older brother Cameron, shares some interesting views. He thinks of education as a corporate-fueled disinformation campaign. So, when Mason receives formal complaints about his troubled behaviour from school, Cameron is the least bit concerned. 

This film is set in the hills of Northern California, where marijuana growers can thrive in isolation. The guiding principle in this film is “if you’re going to do wrong, make sure you do it right”. Cameron intends to do just that, and make it big. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, Mason also quickly picks up on the family’s weed business. 

The film is slow and steady until things get drastic at the end. We are following alongside Cameron and Mason at a leisurely pace as they tend to their grow op, fertilizing, drying and curing the weed. The end result of the crop is a deal worth 150k with skittish buyers, which requires quite the risk on Cameron’s part. 

Green/is/Gold is a film about crime, yet the message is somewhat positive. Marijuana mends the relationship between two brothers as they progress through young adulthood. With the help of weed, together Cameron and Mason learn to embrace the highs and lows in life (mostly highs).

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