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Pride Programming on CJSF

by Gurpreet Kambo

In honour of this year’s Pride events, the CJSF staff, volunteers and community members will be marching in the Pride Parade on Sunday July 31st, 2016.

 At the same time, CJSF programmers will be broadcasting live from the Denman Taphouse on Denman St from 11 AM – 4 PM, and hosting a Pride parade afterparty for anyone to join.

“We’re really excited broadcast live from the Pride parade this year,” said CJSF Programming Coordinator Dave Swanson. “Anyone coming to Pride is welcome to join us at the taphouse.” 

Furthermore, CJSF will be broadcasting Pride and LGBTQ themed music, interviews and stories all week, during the week of pride including an interview with Chicana Lesbian band FEA, a dramatic reading of an article that ran in the Washington Post called “In praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club,” a piece on asexuality and much more.

 “Our special programming week for Pride is an annual tradition at CJSF. Through the medium of radio, we’re trying to continue the goals of pride, in advocating for equal rights, equity and justice for the LGBTQ+ communities,” said Swanson

As a campus/community station, CJSF strives to provide points of view that are rarely expressed in mainstream media. This includes music that isn't top 40 and news that isn't on the big media outlets. As a non-commercial station, CJSF takes pride in being an alternative to mainstream media and offers the public a forum for expressing points of view that otherwise may not be heard.

 “Pride is really important for CJSF and its volunteers, and we are really happy to help support it, and to help create a space for LGBTQ+  voices every year, on the air and in our society,” said Swanson.

 CJSF can be heard at 90.1 on the FM dial, on the internet at www.cjsf.ca Visit www.cjsf.ca for a more detailed schedule of the special Pride programming, and for more information on the party at Denman Taphouse.

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