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14th Annual National Homelessness Marathon

by David Swanson

Burnaby, B.C. (February 16, 2016) - On February 23, Simon Fraser University’s CJSF 90.1 FM will air the 2016 National Homelessness Marathon from 2pm until 4am PST.

CJSF will be live on location at the RainCity Housing Project at 3030 Gordon Avenue in Coquitlam Tuesday, February 23  starting at 4pm. CJSF will host the national broadcast from 6-7pm PST. The day is open to the public and will include artist performances, free snacks and interviews with homeless individuals and their allies.

Downtown Vancouver has a very visible homelessness population. It’s widely known that many under-sheltered individuals in this community endure housing, addiction and mental health issues. But surrounding areas in Metro-Vancouver like Coquitlam also have a homeless population that experiences many significant housing related challenges.  CJSF is partnering with RainCity Housing and the New View Society to share some of these challenges and celebrate the success stories of those who have conquered homelessness and found stability.

The National Campus and Community Radio Association’s (NCRA) 14th annual Homelessness Marathon is a collaborative project between more than 30 campus and community radio station across Canada. Participating stations will broadcast 14 consecutive hours of programming to bring attention to Canada’s homelessness problem. This event will give the homeless and their allies the opportunity to come together and discuss housing issues, as well as possible solutions. It is our hope that by building a strong community consciousness, we will be able to bring change through the promotion of safe housing options.

British Columbia is often referred to “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth,” but Vancouver’s ugly truth is an expensive housing market makes it difficult for homeless shelters and low-income support structures to exist. Our city caters to the wealthy and prioritizes private real estate development.

You can tune into the marathon at CJSF 90.1 FM, or listen online at www.cjsf.ca

Click here for more details.

Please also check out our 2015 Homelessness Marathon broadcast from New View Society in Port Coquitlam.



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